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General thoughts on teaching & education

  • Interpreting Instead of Teaching Facts in the Classroom
    Wolfgang Gatterbauer
    Teaching Theory and Academic Writing: A Guide to Undergraduate Lecturing in Political Science, Malte Brosig & Kinga Kas (eds.), pp. 33-43, 2008.
    [Essay], [bib], [Flipped Classroom, Flipped Classroom, pdf, pdf]

    This essay argues that we should use the limited time in classroom for solidification and interpretation of material which was students have previously learned by themselves at their own pace through homeworks. This philosophy is very much in spirit with proposals to replace "teaching the content classes" with Khan Academy style web-based video courses recorded once, and then to focus the classroom time on discussion sessions and dealing with questions. Also note the recent momentum around online tools that help to "flip" the classroom (see e.g. Friedman's May 2011 NYtimes article).

  • Alternativen zum freien Hochschulzugang: Ein Diskurs ´┐Żber Bildungspolitik (Jan 2006) [Presentation]

    This was a provocative presentation on higher education. Slides are partly in German and English.

  • Storylining with WYSIWYG and Shortcuts (updated: Jan 2007) [doc]
  • Organizing your downloaded papers on your HD (updated: July 2005) [pdf]
  • Giving and receiving feedback (updated: Jan 2007) [Illustration]

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